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Donna Coleman-Barr
Mental Health Therapist Single
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Yolanda Landrum (Hailey)
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May 09, 1960 Supervisor, U.S. Postal Service Single 1
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Anita Coleman (James)
Sales & Customer Service Single 2
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John Keenan
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Electronics Sales/Writer Single
Hello family, it's great to be in touch with all of you.  The pics that are posted here look great.  It's been so long since I've seen some of you so I'll give a brief update just to get you back in the loop.  I am a published author/poet under the pen name Don Savant.  I have two books of poetry published.  The first is titled Don Savant's Book of Poems, Sonnets and Vows for Relationships and Weddings.  The second one is titled The Lyrics of my Soul.  I look forward to seeing and getting reacquainted with you all in Columbia.  God Bless. Send John a MessageSend John a Message
Trishaunda Keenan (Rookard)
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Senior manager for Nu-Hype prod. Married 4
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Henry Seaborn
Archive Records Married
Henry inheritated 5 g-kids through is crazy about them though.. Send Henry a MessageSend Henry a Message
willie smith
Retired (U.S.Postal Service) Married 4
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jettie keenan (sullivan)
retired Divorced 5
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